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We Happy Few Pc Game

We happy few pc game 2018 – interactive game for game lovers!

We happy few pcgame, is a new adventure and survival game developed by Compulsion games and published by Gearbox for Playstation4, released in July 2016 on windows only and all version of the full game will release on the 10 August 2018. Players can take over one of the three characters. This game is played from the first person perspective; the game includes survival, and other elements. The game developers are mainly focused on creating a story with great narratives and game setting based on 60s British culture.

This game will surely seek the attention of the gamers and will provide survival experiences and game will finally release in August worldwide.

We Happy Few Pc Game

We Happy Few Pc Game Game plot

We happy few survival game features three characters which affect the overall story. Arthur Hastings, who was the initial character of the game, storing come across about him and his younger brother, another character is Sally Boyle, is an assistant to one of the doctors who creates Joy, a name of the drug and now works as “experimental chemist” and trying to take back Wellington Wills. The third character is Ollie Starkey; a former soldier tries to stay hidden from the other citizens. Each character of the game is skillfully set to work in own way throughout the game.

We Happy Few Pc Game

We Happy Few Pc Game, Game Story

The story of “we happy few pc game” revolves around the drug called joy that rules over the city of Wellington in 1960s England. The players can operate this game from first-person perspective and initially, players can select their game characters, allow them to through the events that happened after selecting character stops taking Joy. Players can usually use the Arthur character but can opt to see the prologue and even opt to use the drugs namely Joy, which leads to the games bad endings as a result.

We Happy Few Pc Game

Furthermore Prologue of the story, gamers have the freedom to explore the city and various districts of the Wellington Wells during the day or night and is restricted to visit only one district and help them to unlock new areas. In order to escape and win we happy pcgame ue4, the players have to complete certain tasks within the certain time interval. The game has included some features like permadeath, which is employed by default but you can also switch off if the players are killed and fail to escape in time, the game is over and you have to start from the beginnings.

For survival in the game environment we happy few survival games, you have to explore homes and buildings to gain items, weapons and much more. You can choose the new range of difficulties to explore the more features of the game, you can play through a story or customize according to your desire and you can selects weapons to combat with demons.

We Happy Few Pc Game

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