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Metro Exodus Pc Game

Things that a gamer should know about metro exodus PC Game 2018

Metro exodus pc game 2018 is a game inspired by the famous book exodus 2035. This game is set just after an apocalypse where almost entire earth population is either dead or turned into mutants from the radiation. The story of the game is based in years of 2033 and thereafter. The survivors are clinging to their lives in the underground of Moscow ruins.

The savior and the main character “Artyom” is living under these ruins fighting poisons, mutated beasts, and other deadly surroundings. he will be leading an expenditure with a band of Spartan Rangers. They will be hunting the ruins of Russia to search for the new life forms and fight the enemies for survival.

Metro Exodus Pc Game

The gameplay of metro exodus pc game 2018

The game will start with you as Aurora stepping in the wild. Where you can explore some free roaming levels while others will need a specific game plan to win over them. There are some levels which can be crossed without even a single kill (known as open world levels) while some of them will need stealth and strategy.

Time will play an important factor in this game because players will be going out with a gas mask which will ensure their survival. Lingering out for a long time will get you killed.

Metro Exodus Pc Game

Another feature of this metro exodus pc game 2018 is that with every new level you will be discovering either weapons or insights of the game. You will get immune with your every level survival but you must be careful while firing shots in the open.

These fires will attract wanted as well as unwanted attention which can either help you or get you in trouble. Another enemy that you will be encountering is bandits and goons who have survived the apocalypse but now their aim is to loot the locals from everything and even kill them at their will.

Metro Exodus Pc Game

Features of metro exodus pc game

This game will have the following features that can be enjoyed while playing the game. They are

  • The incredible journey on locomotive engine train along with Aurora to explore Russia for the search of life. You will be accompanied with few survivors to support you in the quest.
  • Sandbox survival technique- this will help you to connect over the old, new and non-linear game levels.
  • An apocalyptic world- you will be exploring the wild and deadly world where every creature adapts differently to the poison. Some of them being friendly and some deadly.
  • Stealth and combat- the weaponry of this can get as excited as you can imagine. By using the right combination of add-ons and other features you will be able to do great with even simpler pistols.
  • You decide your fate- this game will progress as per your choices meaning the fate of you and your companion will depend upon your choices.

Metro Exodus Pc Game

Whatever these metro exodus new game 2018 games bring it is going to be really excited to watch how this game takes the gaming world. It is set to release in the year December 2019 for various gaming levels.


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