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Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox One

Know everything about cyberpunk 2077 Xbox One game

Are you fond of video games that involve role-playing characters? Then here you will be provided with a new role-playing game known as cyberpunk 2077 xbox one game. The game has also received best animation and people’s choice award at 2013 FITC. In contrary to Withcer 3, the game can be played at first-person perspective.

Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox One

What is cyberpunk 2077 Xbox One?

The new cyberpunk 2077 Xbox One game is a new IP that exchange fantasy setting for a game lover with a neon sci-fi aesthetic from CD Projekt Red. It is an openly played game from first-person perspective and a wide departure of Witcher 3 can be expected by the players.

This upcoming role-playing game was published and developed by CD Projekt releasing on PlayStation 4, Windows, Xbox One. The players can experience points by assuming the role a customizable mercenary to reach prominence in NetRunner, Solo, and Techie.

Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox One

The role-playing game played in the first-person perspective i.e. V who acts as a mercenary whose face, body type, sex, hairstyle and body modifications with clothing can be customized. The clothing of V’s can alter for a sexual relationship and romantic non-player characters.

The character classes assumed by the player can have stat categories as intelligence, Tech, Cool, strength, Reflex, and constitution. The V can run on walls and grounds, aim, jump, slide, cover or double jump and if the V is provided with blades, he can climb walls and combat using weapons while dealing with melee strikes.

The V is provided with three ranged weapons namely Smart homing bullets, standard Power, and tech that can penetrate enemies and walls. The four types of damages that can be inflicted are EMP, chemical, Thermal, and physical.

The V can navigate six regions as an immigrant- inhabited Watson, Suburban Heywood, corporate city center luxurious Westbrook, industrial Santo Domingo and gang-infested Pacifica. The players can buy translator as the gaming feature do not implant non-English speaking font.

Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox One

What makes new cyberpunk 2077 Xbox One exciting?

There are numerous reasons to play the cyberpunk 2077 xboxone game as it will completely blow your mind that is mentioned below:

  • Spin on the first person perceptive game- The players can make use of bullets to slow down combats and the players can also use specialized bullets that can bounce off enemies and walls.
  • Customize your heroes- the mercenary i.e. V can purely customize the hero’s starting from gender type to body clothing. You will be able to potentially create cyberpunk and produce wildest creation versions through CD Projekt RED.
  • Incredible open-world- The sprawling metropolis night cities comprised of six differed regions, Santo Domingo, city center Waston, Heywood, and Westbrook. The players can explore the regions and the distinct look of the city both in the vehicle and on foot.
  • Players choices matters- Player’s choice plays a vital and crucial role in the game that attempt developer to confirm multiple ending of story outcomes.

Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox One

If you wish to exploit the wide experience of video games, then do try this game as it can provide you with everything related to role-playing games.


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