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Crackdown 3 Xbox One

Crackdown 3 xbox one – an exclusive wrap up for all video game lovers!

Crackdown 3 Xbox One is one of the amazing action-adventure video game for Xbo One and Microsoft Windows with the development headed by Sumo Digital the British developers and published by the Microsoft studio. This game was first released in the year 2010 and still continuing its series. However, the third title of Crackdown 3 xboxone mainly focuses on the Microsoft Azure that is powered by mass scale destruction which enables everything thing to get destroyed in this game.

Crackdown 3 Xbox One

Well, crackdown 3 was first going to release in the year 2016 worldwide, but it changed to 7th November 2017 with Xbox one, but it still delayed till 2018. But, now crackdown 3 2018, is going to release soon, where it will also be released with Xbox One at no additional cost. Without a doubt, you can play this game as it is one of the top crackdown 3 Xbox one exclusive that players are looking for. Players will also get excited to learn few more forthcoming third-person shooters from the Sumo Digital.

Crackdown 3 Xbox One

Crackdown 3 Xbox One Game play and new features

Players will also get a look of the latest trailer for Crackdown 3 at the E3 2018. The trailer mainly focuses on the Terry crews character who is a commander running throughout the game, powering up and plowing everything in sight. Furthermore, the game play will depict about the futuristic warrior that is blowing up the surrounding with homing rocket gun, pushing the enemies with the help of gravity pulse gun and the enemy tethering firearm. Crackdown 3 new game trailers also feature that how players can explore or move around the open world with a variety of vehicles that range from race car for clean highways, wall climbing rover and the explosive tank.

Crackdown 3 Xbox One

Fans will also be given a gander at the slide of different enemies such as mad scientists, mechs, and potential boss battle.

Why crackdown 3 Xbox one?

The developers of Crackdown 3 have decided to come up with the addition of a new game that will leverage the power of the Xbox One in different ways. The game will run in a better way on this super-powerful gaming console that delivers longer draw distances and better details. It provides various features like the higher texture of fidelity, true 4K, crisper, HDR, spatial audio, wide color gamut and Dolby Atmos. The new providence of crackdown 3 2018 includes an island “paradise” that is in the grip of gangsters, corporate psychopaths, and butchers. Well, there are some more included in the 2018 edition that are:

  • Skills- players in need to level up their super-agent skills so as to jump over the skyscrapers and hurl trucks and fight with enemies just like a boss.
  • World playground- players can play with two or four friends over the Xbox One live so as to take out the violent criminal gang and make use of the city as a weapon against the enemies.

Crackdown 3 Xbox One

So, if you are also interested to play the crackdown 3 Xbox one exclusive, pre-order the game now from amazon


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